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Summer Foos in the Bay Area

Lots of chatter on the Facebook SF Foos group about what’s going on this summer. The foosball scene is going well.

Mondays: League at Kennedy’s in SF starts up again on July 31st.

Tuesdays: Swiss system tournaments at California Billiards in Fremont. Great for beginners and more experienced players. First time beginners play free.

Thursdays: Beginner league at California Billiards.

Thursdays: Draw-your-partner tournament at Kennedy’s. First time beginners play free!

Sunday, August 20th is our World Championships Warm-Up at California Billiards. We’ll do Handicap Singles at 3 PM, and a Shake-n-Bake at 6 PM.

Full schedule is always at, and hit us up on Facebook if you want to see who is playing any given evening. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the tables!



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Hall of Fame Classic Warm-Up and Beginner Tournament

We’re having a ton of fun getting ready for the Hall of Fame Classic IFP tournament in Las Vegas. We’re running a three-day warm-up tournament March 3rd-5th, at California Billiards.

Beginner doubles is scheduled for March 5th at noon. Never played in a tournament before, but you’re curious? Give it a shot!

For more experienced players, check out the full schedule!

We are running events every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to Vegas, check the calendar to see what’s happening where.

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Winter League is Starting!

Every Thursday, January 12 though March 8th, 8 PM, Cuetopia.

Full details at

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NorCal Hall of Fame

The NorCal Hall of Fame tournament is the weekend of October 15th at California Billiards!

Friday, October 14th 

8 PM: DYP, $10 entry

Saturday, October 15th

2 PM: Beginner Doubles, $5 entry

4 PM: Open Singles

Pro and up: $15

Expert: $10

Am/Rookie/Beginner: $5

7:30 PM: Open Doubles

Pro and up: $30

Expert: $20

Am/Rookie: $10

Beginner: $5

Tournament Rules:

Sign-ups close at listed time.

Open events are ⅗ winner’s bracket, ⅔ loser’s bracket, win by 2 in winner’s bracket.

All other events are ⅔.

IFP Tour points used to determine ranking. Beginner ranking subject to TD discretion.

Format may change due to time constraints.

All events are 100% payout.

Tournament Directors:

Phil Schlaefer: (408) 315-1965

Brian Eaton: (650) 335-5965,

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August Triple Shot

Triple Shot tournament is back. Saturday, August 27th, 2016, at Cuetopia Billiard Cafe.

4 PM: Beginner Doubles

$5 entry fee. Bring a partner if you have one, draw one if you don’t.

5:30 PM: Open Singles

Pro $15, Expert $10, $5 Rookie/Am

Beginners play FREE until they cash once, then they pay $5 entry.

8 PM: Shake-n-Bake

Bring side: Pro $20, Expert $15, Rookie/Am $10, Beginner $5

Draw side: $10

Format is either split bracket or point spot.

Split bracket: best draw team guaranteed at least third place.

Point spot: draw teams get a point spot against bring teams

More Info:

All events are 100% payout. All entry fees go to prizes.

Questions? Contact Brian (650-335-5965)

Sign-ups close at listed times; events start 10 minutes later.

Call or text if you’re running late.

Beginner rating based on IFP points, subject to TD discretion.

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